Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July 26, 2012

Santo Domingo – Goodbye Chris
We drove to Santo Domingo today,  Chris will be leaving in the morning and in the afternoon Scott and I will pick up the Vacation Bible School team.  We have been more vacationing than working while Chris was here, but tomorrow the hard work begins in earnest.  This has been a great experience for Chris and one I wish for all Americans.  Most of us become very spoiled and feel an entitlement to what we have.  But for sure it is by the Grace of God that we were born in the USA.  We cannot take any credit for that – it is a gift from God and anyone who does not believe that should spend time in a third world country.  Just saying………….  Chris is excited about new friendships he has made and he looks forward to returning perhaps in December.  After several years of Christmas in Habanero without my family in the USA, I made the commitment to be with my son at Christmas time. So I have not spent Christmas in Habanero since 2007 and would very much like to be in Habanero again for Feliz Navidad.  Wherever my son is at Christmas there I will be also.

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