Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Silent Auction

Today I had a call from Yaneth our Head Teacher in the Dominican. It was nice to hear her voice. Although I speak very little Spanish and Yaneth very little English we always manage to communicate our love for one another and when I hear her voice it reminds me of all the reasons I do what I do. I find I need that reminder when I am home in the USA - life here is lived at such a fast pace with us cramming in so many details in every minute of our lives that it is easy to loose track of how wonderful it is to hear an old friends voice.

Our silent auction was held at the Heathman Hotel in Vancouver, WA this year and what a great sucess it was! Our board members and friends were busily rousting up donations to fill the tables. They brought in 88 auction items and 12 raffle prizes! There was a full house with the attendance at 107! How exciting it was to see the growth of our little non-profit. Proof in my mind that when you are following your heart with love and integirty - good things will come.

We were blessed with designated donations from individuals who wanted to provided electrical power to the school and our mission house. It was an unexpected gift - Thank you Randy & Teresa and Dave & Pam - You made my heart soar! Having electricity on demand will be a real blessing to Habanero. It means we'll have lights to see, fans to cool, we will be able to pump water to our gravity flow system when needed, we can show a movie to the kids without interruption, we can have full time refrigeration, we can have evening Adult English classes, we can recharge our phones, laptops when the mission teams are there and so much more!

There is no doubt what a small group of committed people can do! In addition to providing electrical power our donors funded the school for nine months. We are in the best financial position we've ever been in and it is due to caring people that step up and do what needs to be done when they see a need. Thank you all so very much.

There are numerous supporters that donated their time, talent and energy to help support the children. One of our board members fills suitcases with shoes for every dental trip, a co-worker and her husband provide the music for the auction, a couple mans the raffle table another the registration table..................Many hands were working together helping to make this a fun and successful event. And really, at the end of the day, isn't that what it's all about? Working together for the good of all...................