Saturday, August 25, 2012

Issac raged all through the night. I had put a bucket oat 10am to see how much water we got. By 7am this morning it was over flowing and it wasn't a regular measuring device it was a mop bucket! Trees are down, tops are off little wooden houses. I cried as I walked through Habanero thankful that lives have been spared. Then I saw the crops, bananas and plantainos. Ruined. Done. I wondered what the people would eat. If anyone has a heart to send a few dollars this way, it will surely help rebuild a couple roofs. A couple hundred dollars can go along way here.  We've already spent the money for the fence and gates for the school other wise we'd use that money.  You can Western Union to Brenda Backes (name on my passport) or Scott Conner. Pray for the rain to stop - the river is almost overflowing. Love, Brenda and Scott

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