Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I think my computer has been lost to Isaac as well as food, clothing, furniture and homes.  A small thing compared to what others have lost and yet, very meaningful to me.  Yesterday when I started the old Toshiba up I got shocked!  I didn't think that was a good sign, but it started up just fine.  I even did a status update on facebook.  But then all of a sudden the dreaded blank screen and no response.  Although I turn her on every day there is no makes me sad.  Not so much because of the computer itself, but it meant a lot to me.  My Mother bought the computer for me to use in the Dominican in 2007 just one year before she passed away.  It was a great gift because I could not afford one, but certainly could put one to use here.  The computer was getting old and tired and everyone said I should invest in a new one.  But, I couldn't give it up because every time I opened the computer I thought of my Mom.  Without the computer there will be less of her.  Sometimes I think it's silly to feel that way, but then again things that bring joyous memories are of great value to the human spirit.  Last Christmas I broke one of her collection of Christmas musicals.  I cried then and I cry now as I type this because with each loss there is less of her here with me.  I guess I'm afraid she will totally slip away from me.......................

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  1. She won't slip away, Brenda. Anytime you have any doubt, just look at your hands. They're identical to hers and no one will take them away from you. Not Isaac, not anyone. Love you! Stay safe.