Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July 25, 2012

Medical Needs
Yesterday a man came to the house with dark sunglasses on.  At first I thought Jose Luis was trying to be cool, but soon realized he was wearing the glasses for protection.  Half his face was paralyzed and both eyes sensitive to light and seeping.  I got Yanet to translate for me and it seems the man has been to the doctor and has a prescription he would like us to help him purchase.  Today he brought the prescription and we went into town to get it for him.  It included three vials of drugs for injection.  The cost of the three prescriptions was $43 which this poor man would never have in his pocket at one moment.  We gave him the drugs and money for a motor taxi to go to the clinic so that a professional could do the injections.  We prayed the medicine would heal him quickly as his condition is very painful.  Two days later Jose Luis was at the house smiling and free from pain.  It took several days for him to heal completely.  Praise the Lord for providing the resources to help Jose Luis!

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