Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July 23, 2012

A day at the Playa!
A hot and humid day in Habanero calls for a trip up to the coast to San Rafael.  It’s a beautiful location where the crystal clear waters of the San Rafael River run into the Carribean.  The river has been damned up to make swimming pools at different depths so even the little ones can enjoy the cool water.  The water in the pools is so clear you can see the fish swimming and the children love to try to catch them and sometimes they do!  Which means the fish will be cleaned and cooked right that moment!  Delicious!  Chris, Scott and I took a truck load of friends and children and another truck load joined us for the day.  Chris got to enjoy the excitement of the never ending wave after wave crashing to shore. It is too dangerous to swim in the Carribean at San Rafael.  However, you can get knee deep and let the waves throw you over and over, possibly losing some clothing along the way!  As long as you are smart enough and quick enough to grab the pebbled beach once you are thrown ashore you are safe!  What a great day with family and friends.

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