Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Santa Elena

We returned today to the place of the accident, the mountain village of Santa Elena, where we rolled a truck loaded with 10 people in February of 2011.  No one wanted Scott and I to go there again.  They  were afraid something will happen again.  The road is very steep and narrow and mostly rocks and there are big splits in the road 1 or 2 feet deep.  In the rainy season the water pours down the road like a river.  Santa Elena is not a high priority for road repair.  You see Santa Elena is inhabited by Haitians, mostly who have crossed over the Dominican border by foot and live quietly in the mountains.  They live off the land growing crops.  Scott and I have had it on our hearts to go.  We felt God was protecting us the day of the accident and he would protect us again.  Although this time we went alone, just the two of us praying all the way up the mountain that God’s hand would be pushing the back of the truck and praying all the way down the mountain that God’s hand would be hold the front of the truck from going too fast.  It was a long two hour trip, but once there it was uplifting to be able to provide some warm clothing for the children.  It gets cold at night in the mountains.  

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