Monday, April 11, 2016

Love, Compassion and Common Sense

Good grief!  As I get older I realize I need lots of help.  lol  I just ran across a blog I wrote a while back and I want to post it.  The blog will be out of date, but I think it's important.  I hope you do too!

September 3, 2015

This morning as I come around the corner by the school I see our school Director Yanet and our 4 year old teacher Fani running out to the street.  Yanet is waving her hands frantically at a man on a motorcycle who has just dropped his daughter off at school.  Fani is behind Yanet with a small child who is obviously unconscious.  Fani hops on the back of the moto holding the child and the man zooms away.  Off to the hospital. 


As I arrive at the school I learn 2 boys were running and came around the corner of the school at the same time.  Bam!  They collided and one of the boys, Manuel, hit his head on the cement sidewalk and was knocked out.  We prayed for the boy as he was being sped to the hospital.  We also prayed for the other boy, Tico because he was very traumatized by the incident.  Tico was crying so hard he was shaking.  I believe he thought Manuel had died and it was his fault.  Tico’s father arrived, consoled him and carried him back to class.  Manuel’s father was alerted that Manuel had been taken to the hospital.  In about an hour Manuel, his father and Fani arrived back at the school very happy that Manuel was now suffering from nothing more than a headache.  We gave Manuel Acetaminophen to relieve the pain.  Then we got Tico and Manuel together for a great big hug!  Students and teachers were all happy that Manuel was okay and back at school just in time to eat! 


I write about this incident to show how very different things are in the Habanero. This was an unfortunate accident that was taken care of properly.  From our staff, Fani & Yanet to the man on the motorcycle and to both fathers everyone went into action and did what was necessary for the sake of the children.  There were no accident reports, no parents upset, no school board inquiries, no insurance companies involved.  Both the boys were treated with love, compassion and common sense.  I myself was impressed with the lack of coddling of the boys.  They both went back to class and finished out the school day as usual without dwelling on the morning incident.  How refreshing it was to see!

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