Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We're building a Teen Center!

Wow!  I just returned from a month in Habanero.  It was a long, hot trip, but the work was wonderful and fruitful.  I was the coordinator for two high school teams from Kings Way Christian School in Vancouver, WA.  Over a two week period we had over 30 high school students working to build the teen center.

We hope the teen center will be a safe haven for those seeking to further their education.  We're looking forward to the future and all God has planned for this place.  I know lives were affected by this mission trip to Habanero.  Our USA students were touched as were the Dominican villagers.  Everyone worked together and there were many tears shed when we said our good byes.  Jesus' love flowed through these team members as they loved on the children.

But it's not over!  Kings Way will be coming back and is now planning a VBS team for August 2016 and a construction team for February 2017.  God is faithful.  HE provides all our needs!


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