Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quirky things........... Part 2

As most of you know Evergreen4kids and the school in Habanero have been trying to partner with the Dominican government for a couple of years now.  We want a partnership so our staff will have all the government benefits and government employees have.  Last August I thought we'd finally made some headway.  After lengthy meetins we learned we had to submit an application in Santo Domingo and take an "official" name for the school.  The official name would be "Instancia Infantil Habanero"  this name was given to us by the secretary of the Director of Education in Barahona.

Yanet, Carlucho and I are so excited!  we drive to Santo Domingo the next day and file the papers.  We go back a week later and have the official papers!  Yeah!  Next step more papers filed in Barahona.

We are so excited, we make new t-shirts for the staff and signs made for the road.  Isn't it beautiful?  

That was last August.  When I arrived this February, I learned the word Instancia is spelled wrong.  Now mind you, this name was written on a piece of paper and given to us by the secretary of the Director of Education in Barahona and we filed the name with another government agency in Santo Domingo.  So it seems that sometime in December a man is driving down the road and he stops and starts asking people about the sign.  He finally gets to Yanet and informs her that Instancia is spelled Estancia. 

We had to file and pay for new papers in Santo Domingo and submit them to the office in Barahona, who were all unaware that it was incorrect.   I had to laugh.... only in the Dominican.

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