Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quirky Things Part 3

For those in the know, we have been working on the mission house little by little for a couple years now.  Adding rooms so that it would be more comfortable for our mission teams and giving us some much needed storage space.

When we began I wasn't really sure the WHY's were good reasons.  I mean after all, weren't the Americanos pretty comfortable most of their life in comparison to the people of Habanero?  Maybe it was meaningful to suffer a little while you served.  And seriously?  Did we really need more space for stuff?  I wondered if perhaps we were turning the mission house into little America. 

 At any rate, we've been working on it.  It is wonderful I couldn't love it any more.  And the added showers and toilets have been very much appreciated.  But that's not what this blog is about.

Last August when I left Habanero the roof had been put on the new kitchen and bedroom.  Next step cement floor, so I left enough money for Yanet to have the floor finished in my absence.  When I arrived in January boy was I surprised!

Not only had the floor been finished, but metal bars had been put across the windows and door.  The new space was secured!  Yeah!  That's a good thing, right?

Well, the only problem was we owed money.  No one was exactly authorized to put us in debt.  But, at least they didn't sell the house, right?

I speak with Yanet and learn that evidently some teens were meeting up and doing a little making out back there!  lol Some things transcend international date lines.  The teens were using it for love connections until it started to smell because someone else was pooping back there!  lol    A third world problem for sure.

So Yanet had made the correct executive decision to secure the building.  That's what we want her to do.  Lead - and she did.  She cleaned it up and secured it.

During our conversation I also learned that we had a problem with the building.  Evidently when it rained the roof leaked. I'm like WHAT???  It's a new roof.  So we get the builder, Boika and I say hey you gotta fix the roof it's leaking.  He says well, are you ready for this?   "It will cost more money if you don't want the rain to come in.  We need to build an overhang so the water doesn't come in."  I think about that for a moment knowing I must be careful with my words.  I look at the rest of the work he has done and sure enough the other walls have an overhang.  So I say, well I'll buy the materials but I'm not paying any more labor.  He says, you didn't say you wanted an overhang.  It's not my problem.

I'm like really???  I need to tell you I don't want water in the new kitchen and bedroom, really?  I have to tell you that? Would you construct your own house so that water leaks in your bedroom?  He kinda smiles, shuffles his feet and says, OK we'll fix it, but you have to buy the cement.............  

Only in the Dominican!  

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