Friday, August 31, 2012

Mosquitos and Suffering

We distributed food to people last night a little later than usual almost getting dark.  We were attacked by so many mosquitos we had to have people with small branches of leaves whacking them off of us as we worked.  I had repellant on me but it didn't stop the mosquitoes from trying,  The people suffer at night.  We've been able to distribute 64 double size nets so far.  They will sleep 3 & 4 people under each one.  Today we were able to get 105 nets which we will take out as soon as I complete this blog.  The store has promised us there will be more nets in the morning.  Malaria and Dengue fever have been diagnoised in LaHoya, the village right next to us.  So this is our first line of defense against the illnesses that are sure to come.  Yesterday there were 3 children sick, one is still in the hospital.  This morning I've had two more mothers here with prescriptions for their sick children.  Yesterday a 5 month pregnant woman began bleeding and we paid for her to go to the doctor, he prescribed a sonagram and we've paid for that to be done.  Will know more tomorrow about that situation.  We just continue to work and put one foot in front of the other.  We pray for others on this planet who we know have also been affected. 

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