Friday, August 24, 2012

August 4th

Long Goodbyes

First thing this morning we took a truck load of suitcases into Barahona for the team to take back to America.  We secured their tickets and a taxi driver to pick them up in Santo Domingo.  There was about an hour in between packing the suitcases and the team actually leaving.  This meant a very long sad good bye for Dominicans and Americans alike.  Although their time here was short, many will return again.  We encourage building relationships over time.  Short term mission teams are very important for the support and operation of the school.  Team members not only complete their loving missions while here, but they also give on going financial support.  Evergreen4kids couldn’t exist without our teams!  Thank you so much for loving on Habanero and your continued support for the work we do here.

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