Saturday, February 4, 2012

Journal Log Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

I am sick today and have stayed mostly in the house resting, reading, reflecting….. it’s hard to explain life here. I have little food in the house now that the team and Scott are gone. Life is one day at a time here, and as my prayer goes, so does theirs, “Give us today our daily bread”.
Not feeling well and not up to the chore of driving into Barahona to shop. Thank goodness the team left some Cliff bars to nibble on. So tonight’s dinner consisted of soda crackers with a piece of left over ham I had stashed in the freezer. As I opened the crackers I wondered at the fact that not one single cracker was intact. Opening crackers at home I always expect the quality I am used to, fresh, perfect squares, here I always hope for just one that is not broken! Still, dinner is humble, filling and enough. And more than some will eat tonight.
Ramona stopped by and we remembered together about our first meeting at the clinic. I told her I’d come visit her and she told the whole village. No one believed her because no Americans had been here before. We talked about Gerson’s death, the sadness that brought us together and our faith in knowing God’s hand was on us. We believe Gerson and the school in Habanero are all part of God’s great plan. There is comfort and peace in that faith tonight.

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