Friday, February 17, 2012

Batey Cinco Feb. 17, 2012

I spent yesterday afternoon looking for a cell phone for Benita’s father, Roberto. I wanted to get the best price, but the phone still needed to play music as he requested. I finally found one for $25 that included activation and FM radio. Today returned to Batey Cinco (5) to deliver the phone and see how the new baby is doing.
A Dominican “Batey” is a small village bu...ilt up around and on sugar cane land. The original inhabitants were illegal Haitians willing to do the back breaking work required to harvest the sugar cane. The villages are poor with very little services available such as water, sewer ad garbage. The people now are 3rd and 4th generation Haitians born in the Dominican, but without proper papers. The villages stay poor and the people continue to suffer. These villages have bad reputations for crime and are not the place one wants to hang out in for too long. They are so ill thought of they haven’t even been named. Just numbers along this sugar cane railroad route…….Batey 1…..Batey 2…..Batey 3.
Wilbur is doing well. Benita is quiet and stays away from both the baby and the adults. I’m not sure what she’s thinking or what’s she’s been through but it’s clear she is not interested in being there. We’ve brought Wilbur a new baby bottle, formula, liquid vitamins and some clothes. We’ve also brought the adults some clothes, rice and oil. Roberto is happy with the cell phone and the mother is happy with the food. Tonight all is well in Batey Cinco.

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