Friday, February 3, 2012

Missing Benita Friday, Feb. 3, 2012

We left America January 19th and already completed our dental mission in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We served over 200 needy people, most of them in pain. The American team is already back home and Scott will leave Habanero tomorrow. Lots of work has been done, but my heart is saddened and missing Benita.
Benita’s father left her in Habanero when she was just 4 years old and she has been in Yanet’s care and supported by ...Evergreen4kids for the last 2 years. Benita became the Little Princess of Habanero, taken in by the people, loved and adored. I saw her blossom from a frightened, shy little girl to one with her head held high and full of spunk. In December her father came and asked for her to spend the night with him in another town, with no legal rights Yanet had to let her go. He never brought Benita back. We have searched four villages so far and have no word of her. We pray she is safe and well cared for. I personally pray to see her one more time so I can tell that wherever she is our love travels with her over dusty roads and tin roof shacks…………. And we wait with open arms for the day she comes home.

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