Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baseball Habanero Style Feb. 21, 2012

Organized? Baseball has come to Habanero! A coach is coming on Tuesday and Thursdays to coach the children. There are three teams of differing ages playing baseball and they love it! It is every Dominican boys dream to play for a Major League in the US. They work very hard practicing in the hot sun with very little equipment. They are rag tag teams with big hearts.
The coach has asked us to bring bases and equipment in July. Please search your attics, closets and garages for bats, balls, bases, gloves and cleats that we can take with us for the kids. The coach arranged for a bus to come and take the kids into Barahona (the big city) for a game. They loaded the bus up and then went to the beach afterwards. What a great trip it was for the kids. The icing on the cake was – Habanero spanked Barahona for two games! Go Habanero!

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