Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quirky Things Part 4

One afternoon I was sitting on a white plastic chair in front of the colmado across from the mission house when Jose Luis walked by.  He waved and then as a second thought he made a u-turn and headed straight for me.  He took out a prescription from his bible and asked me if I could get the medicine for him.  He said he's been sick with fever and diarrhea (both very common in Habanero).  I told him I was sorry he was sick and I would see what I could do.

I took the prescription into the house and put it safely in my purse.  I then added Jose Luis' prescription to my "to do" list. Jose had never asked me for anything before so I assume it was legitimate.

The next morning as I was going over my list I looked at the prescription again, I didn't know what it was for but I could see that it was dated December 5, 2015 which was over 2 months previous.  Hmmmmm......  Red Flag!  I made a mental note to speak with Yanet about this.

I normally only purchase recent prescriptions.  If the prescription is old and they are still sick I tell them to go back to the doctor and get a current diagnosis.  So later that evening I showed the prescription to Yanet and told her I was concerned because it was from December.

Yanet looked the prescription over and started laughing.  She said no don't get this for him it is for hair loss!  I started laughing myself because I could see that Jose Luis was getting older, probably 35 years old by now and yes, he
was loosing his hair.  Yep, he almost got me~!  :-)

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