Monday, March 18, 2013

The paint team has arrived.  There are five guys on the team so I am sleeping at Olivia’s house.  They are a great team and get along well.  We start our day with prayer and devotions.  It’s a wonderful way to start the day!
In just two days the team has already cleaned & scraped the entire school and started the painting.  There are four Dominicans that are helping them with the school.  Baroni, Jonathan, Jorge and Luis.  Our teams work along side the community.  Our teams don’t ever do it alone.  We provide the resources.  It is important for the community to take ownership of the projects and their school.
The school has not been painted since June 2006.  We painted the school the original colors.  But when the first paint went on I thought we’d bought the wrong color!  The colors were so different after 7 years in the hot sun.  The school is going to look great!  People from the community walk by all the time to see the progress, they are excited about the work being done and so am I!

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