Monday, March 5, 2012

Belki's Miracle Mar. 5, 2012

Belki has a 12 year old son named Luis. Belki is a good mom, she gets up early every
day to catch a concho (motorcycle taxi) to her job at the Maria Montez Airport. She has always wanted more children, but has not been able to conceive. Belki and her family are Christian and have prayed everyday for years for Belki to have another child. Last year at the age of
42 she learned she was pregnant and everyone in the village was over the moon with happiness! In January she gave birth to Emerson. Her pride and
joy. Her gift from God, her miracle baby, as she puts it.

There are many children in Habanero and sometimes one wonders “why”? Especially since the people are poor andmany struggle with basic daily necessities. But, I learned early not to judge the number of children these people have, for their children are often all they have. Their children are their joy! We may have modern nice homes, cars, boats, conveniences, video games, internet, perhaps we golf or ski as part of our daily joy. But here in Habanero there
is pure joy in combing your daughters hair or washing your son’s clothes out by hand.

In 2004 I met a 12 year old girl and her mother at the clinic I was volunteering at in Barahona. The child was having her tonsils removed. It was in the afternoon and she was one of our last patients so as things wound down I decided to go into the recovery room to see if I could help anyone there. I saw the mother stroking the daughter’s hair while the child was still asleep from the anesthetic. Mom looked worried and so I walked over to reassure her all would be well. As we spoke I asked her how many children she had and she said ten. I kept a straight face, but inside I was saying, oh, my I am so sorry for her. So many children, such a struggle. Then she asked me how many I had and I said I had one son. She looked at me, frowned and put her hand
on my shoulder and told me how sorry she was for me since I only had the one child. I was stunned. I had made the educated decision to have one child. I never dreamed someone would
feel sorry for me because of that. Her words made me stop and think and look at things a bit differently. Every one of her children were a blessing to her they were not a burden.

So when I hear the news in Sept. of Belki’s pregnancy I too was over the moon with happiness. I
literally ran to Belki’s house to congratulate her, hug her and pray with her. And now he is here! Emerson is a blessing and a joy not only to Belki, but to Habanero. Proof that even in this place miracles still happen and love is never a burden.

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