Friday, April 6, 2012

Sugar Cane and Sidewalk Chalk

My son is now 30 years old so it's been awhile since I've raised a child Being with the children in the Dominican keeps childhood wonders forever in the forefront and never far from my mind. The ways they keep themselves entertained is always amazing to me.
One of the goodies that was packed with the team luggage was a big batch of sidewalk chalk. Now we've had sidewalk chalk in the past, but without paved roads it wasn't really a big hit. Now that the roads are paved it's a whole different ball game! Not only do the children play games, write and draw with it but they figured out that if the rub it real hard and it gets all powdery they can get it on their hands and smooth it all over their bodies! I don't know about you, but that was a new one for me - walking out the door and seeing these little imps covered in chalk!
The sugar can train runs by the village during the first quarter of the year. Everyone in Habanero (except me I think) loves the raw sugar cane. It's still a little nerve racking for me to see the older children run up to the train and try to pull the cane off. But there is no stopping them! After a train run everyone sits about the village whacking off the outer stalk and then chewing on the sweet cane inside. Again, this Americano gets a little nervous when I see 5 year olds with knives whacking away on the cane. But, this is life in the DR - the pros and the cons. Dangerous? Yes. However, these children learn independence at an early age. They also grow up with a "can do" attitude that is amazing. Just about anything you need to get done, can get done, no matter the obstacles and that my friend is just about perserverance and that is on of the pros!

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